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Historic New Bern City Hall

New Bern, NC has a mild climate with four distinct seasons. While summers can be hot, they are probably not much hotter than many areas of the Northeast. Winters are mild and allow for golf, boating, and other outdoor activities pretty much year around. That is not to say that we do not get any freezing weather; however, it is infrequent and considered mild by Northeast standards.

New Bern Weather-4 seasons-mild winters New Bern Weather is great for gardening

Spring is absolutely beautiful, with azaleas and dogwoods competing to see which has the greatest palate of colors.

The weather in New Bern is appealing to those from the Northeast

Fall can be a favorite time of the year for many as the changing leaf colors and cooler days are reminders that winter will come soon.

Visiting New Bern any time of the year can be a fun-filled vacation. Come see why folks from all over the country are finding New Bern a great place to call home.