New Bern-Craven County Employment

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New Bern-Craven County Employment

Craven County-New Bern has maintained a strong and stable economy during the last 25 years. The back bone of the county's economic strength continues to be its diversity. The following is a summary of those factors.

1. Strong military presence at Cherry Point Marine Air Station.

2. Fiscally sound local governments.

3. Stable retail trade.

4. Strong growth in tourism.

5. Strong growth in the service sector

6. Continued strength in the agricultural sector.

Craven County Unemployment Rate

Year 1990 2000 2009
Civilian labor force 33448 37733 44252
Number employed 31305 35725 39776
Number unemployed 2143 2008 4476
Craven County unemployment rate 6.4% 5.3% 9.75%
North Carolina unemployment rate 4.8% 3.7% 10%

Craven County Largest Employers

  1. 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing=7016

  2. Fleet Readiness Center East=3512

  3. Cherry Point Air Station=2129

  4. Craven County Hospital=2100

  5. Craven County Schools=1917

  6. State of North Carolina=981

  7. BSH home Appliances=901

  8. Moen=851

  9. Craven County Government=727

  10. Craven County Community College=596

  11. City Of New Bern=514

  12. Wal-Mart=500

  13. Naval Health Clinic=326

  14. Weyerhauser=282

  15. Coastal Carolina Health care=270

  16. RHA Howell Care Center=250

  17. Hatteras Yachts=197

  18. Eastern Carolina Internal Medicine=180

  19. Trader Construction=158

  20. Target=140

  21. Maola Milk and Ice Cream=118

From the data above it is apparent that Craven County is tied very close to Cherry Point Marine Base.


New Bern-Craven County Employment by Industry

  1990   2000    
Categories Total Employment % of Total Total Employment % of Total % Change 1990-2000
Agriculture, forestry, fisheries, mining 860 2.6 802 2.2 -.04
Construction 2467 7.5 2665 7.5 0.0
Manufacturing 6688 20.3 4860 13.6 -6.7
Transportation 1159 3.5 1426 4.0 .05
Wholesale Trade 1271 3.9 826 2.3 -1.6
Information 838 2.5 724 2.0 -.05
Retail 6039 18.4 4337 12.1 -6.2
Entertainment 402 1.2 2674 7.5 6.3
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate 1439 4.4 1575 4.4 0.0
Services-Business and Repair 2381 7.2 2730 7.6 .04
Services-Professional 4695 14.3 7400 20.7 6.4
Services-Other 1653 5.0 2060 5.8 .07
Public Administration 3017 9.2 3544 10.2 1.0
Total 32909 100 35723 100

New Bern-Craven County
Per Capital Income 1990-2000

  Craven County North Carolina Craven County's % of NC
1990 $14,217 $16,284 87%
2000 $18,243 $20,307 91%
Source NC State Data Center    

Material supplied by CAMA Land use plan

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