The Trent River

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Trent River is one of New Berns most valued treasures.

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Trent River Skiing in New Bern

Hello. My name is Steve Tyson and I have spent much of my life enjoying the beautiful waters of the Trent and Neuse Rivers. The picture show above was taken of me on the Trent River. This was the first time I had skied in about 30 years and while it was not pretty, I did get up. The Trent River is perfect for skiing as it is deep, wide yet protected.

This picture is my granddaughter having fun on a tube. If you enjoy water sports you will love the Trent River.

Tubing on the Trent River

The Trent River begins as a small narrow stream about 15 miles south of Kinston, N.C., and ends its journey in downtown historic New Bern, NC where it converges with the Neuse River at Union Point. The picture on the right was taken somewhere in Jones County where the river is about 50 feet across. In downtown New Bern it is about 1/2 mile wide.

Trent river-New Bern

The Trent River may not be as voluminous as its sister river the Neuse; however it is every bit as majestic in its own right. If you don't believe me ask Roscoe and River, my 2 dogs who live on the Trent River with my wife and I.

Fishing in the Trent

The Trent River is more inland than the Neuse and therefore  the water is less brackish. As a result, the fish found in the Trent are more common to the fresh water rivers of Eastern NC. Bass, catfish, and bream are commonly caught and fishing tournaments are held throughout the year. To learn more about area fishing Click Here

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to learn about the Trent's sister river the mighty Neuse.

Boating on the Trent

Trent River Skiing in New Bern

The Trent River is perfect for a variety of water sports such as leisure boating, tubing, water skiing and jet skiing. Protected from the winds you will usually find glassy waters which permit the young and adventuresome to enjoy boating on the Trent on  hot summer days.

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Twin Rivers Paddle Club

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to learn about the Trent's sister river the mighty Neuse.

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