New Bern Photographers

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New Bern Photographers

New Bern Photographers

The following is a partial list of Photographers in the New Bern area.

  • Images by Rodger-252 229 1390

  • New Bern Photography-252 349 2441

  • Curtis Blake Photography-614-565-7333

  • The Uprooted Photographer-252-564-9224

  • Zach Frailey-252 564 9224

  • Vera Stratton Creative Photography-252 633 1987

  • Studio K Photography-252 637 4200

  • A Happily Ever After Photography-252 637 1118

  • Adrian Henson Photography-252 638 5607

  • Emma Lupton Photography-252 670 1844

  • Keepsake Photography Portrait Studios-252 229 5507

  • Portraits By Angelo-252 644 3755

  • Precious Portraits By D'Arco-252 633 5558

  • Ron Polley Photographic-252 636 5674

  • The Portrait Cottage-252 633 0203

  • Vera Stratton Creative Photography-252 633 1987

Some helpful Wedding Photography hints

Congratulations! Either you or someone in your life is getting married. The memories truly need to be preserved...and the main participants, the Bride and Groom will be too busy to remember it all and since they are in the events, cannot really see them.

New Bern Photographers

Pictures have long been a part of this preservation of memories and Video is becoming a major player. Some have elected to have a family member or friend take the images, as new cameras provide easier imaging. Usually, this is a mistake. The average camera cannot take pictures quickly enough to capture some of the moments and they do not have flash units powerful enough to properly light the event. Even if the volunteer has above average equipment, they may not have the spare batteries and the back up facilities of a professional. They most certainly do not have the experience of countless weddings and other events.

A good photographer will try, where practical, to be at the rehearsal for several reasons.

1.There are some great shots of family and friends in a relatively relaxed environment. The whole purpose of a photographer and/or videographer is memories of the occasion and the rehearsal is part of it. Naturally, if the photographer is too far away, say over 75 miles, it may not be practical.

2. If the photographer is at the rehearsal, they have a better idea of what is happening and can do a better job. A good photographer will be on time, have spare cameras, batteries and memory. Ask about these things. If they say "My equipment is so good I don’t need back ups" RUN AWAY. Your memories are too important to presume that man made devices are perfect. ONE wedding per day is what a good photographer will schedule. You don’t want to be rushed. You don’t want your photographer thinking about where they have to go. Make sure that they will back up your files that day. Make sure they will stay in touch. If they want full payment up front or by the day...consider...a part should be due when it is ready to ship or if you are local, on delivery. All of what I have said here applies to Video as well...and make sure they are shooting in HD. Even if you do not specify HD Blu Ray, the original files need to be in HD. Better quality and it means true HD is available if you decide to pay the small extra fee for Blu Ray.

Some things you should remember to make the images and videos better: Let there be light ! The darker the environment, the lower the quality of images. Arrange the events so the photographer is not shooting into the light. Pay attention to backgrounds. If their will be people or clothing that are dark, do not have a dark background. By the same token, a lighted background can be a problem. Shooting into light is seldom a good idea. Allow room for the photographer to move around. This means a photographer can get the shots and get out of the way so the guests can see...and that he can get the shots that mean the most. Good Luck and may the day and marriage be truly blessed.

Note: The above information provided by professional photographer Rodger Whitney.

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