New Bern Has Quite A Few Deep Water Creeks To Explore.

Hello. My name is Steve Tyson and I have spent my entire life enjoying the beautiful waters of the Neuse and Trent Rivers and the many tributary creeks that flow into them. My wife Jana has lived on the waterways of New Bern for over 20 years. Our Real Estate Team is New Bern's waterfront specialist. On this webpage we will talk about some of the creeks in the greater New Bern area as well as the recreational opportunities that they afford.

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Brices Creek

Brices Creek was names after Colonel New Bernian William Brice who owned land in the area where Brices Creek joins the Trent River. Colonel Brice came to the New Bern area in the early 1700's. He played a pivitol role in the Tuscarora Indian War which devastated New Bern in 1711. For more information on the Tuscarora Indian War Click here New Bern Indian Wars

The headwaters of Brices Creek begins deep within the Croatan National Forest, Croatan Forest I have kayaked this creek from its headwaters, however I would not recommend trying this as the first several miles are laden with fallen trees requiring you to portage every 200 yards or so. If you are going to kayak Brices Creek, start around the Evans Mill Bridge. Another option is to put off at the wildlife boat ramp in the Croatan Forest, and head South. This will be a very scenic paddle and you can expect to see some wildlife along the way. Be sure to bring your fishing pole if you enjoy fishing.

The Brices Creek bridge is approximately 15 feet.

Brices Creek ranges in depth from 5 feet to 30 feet. The mouth of the creek is about 250 feet wide and because it is so deep you will see a lot of boating activity. It could work for larger boats except for the bridge, shown above, that has about a 15 foot clearence. BTW, if you are over 30 I would not recommend trying the head stand on the paddle board trick. The power boating activity generally stops once you get a mile or so back and the waters become quite peaceful for kayakers.

Merchants Store and Grill

Pick up all your supplies at Merchants

Merchants is the hub of the Brices Creek area. Merchants is located at 1801 Brice's Creek Road and is accessible by car or boat. Many folks boat to Merchants, gas up, go inside and get their food, beverages, fishing license, rent a kayac or canoe or buy your fishing bait. They sell a little of everything. Store hours are 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. You will always find a friendly face in Merchants.

Merchants is about 2.5 miles from downtown New Bern by boat

From the mouth of Brices Creek to downtown New Bern is about 2 miles. There are a limited amount of homes on Brices Creek, maybe 100, and finding one can be a challenge. Having lived on Brices Creek I know the area very well. Call me if you have questions.

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Flood Insurance

Hoods Creek

The mouth of Hoods Creek, shown in the photo above, is located a few miles from historic downtown New Bern by boat. If you live on the creek it is about 7 minutes from downtown by car.

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Hoods Creek is about 5 feet deep near the mout and has an average depth of maybe 3 feet which works for smaller power boats. Hoods Creek is not very long, less than 1/2 mile, but makes for a nice short relaxing paddle. You might consider combining a trip down the Trent River with this creek as there is not really a good place to launch from.

There are about 32 waterfront homes on Hoods Creek and the prices range from $250,000 to $500,000.

Interested in joining a Paddle Club and exploring the waterways with others? Click the link below

Twin Rivers Paddle Club

Broad Creek

Named Broad Creek because, well, it is quite broad, over 1/2 mile wide at its widest. Broad Creek terminates in the Neuse River and serves as the boundry line between Craven and Pamlico County. The mouth of Broad Creek is located at the end of Broad Creek Road, about 7 miles from downtown New Bern by boat and 12 miles by car. Latham Whitehurst Nature Park is located on Broad Creek Road and gives access to Broad Creek for kayaking and fishing. Click Here For information on Latham Whitehurst Nature Park.

Steve Tyson is a native of New Bern and knows the area waterways well.

Over the years I have fished, crabbed, skied, and otherwise enjoyed the beautiful waters of Broad Creek. The waters are generally calm and are fun for sking, kayaking and jet sking. The water in Broad Creek can get quite brackish during much of the year and because of this you can catch a wide assortment of fish here, see photo below. All of these were caught near the mouth of Broad Creek. They include Spanish Mackeral, Trout, Flounder, and Spot.

Steve and Jana Tyson live on the water in New Bern and know the local waterways

Broad Creek is navicable for miles and is one of the best waterways for kayaking in the New Bern area. I would recommend putting in at the Latham Whitehurst nature park and heading North. Broad Creek is very deep in places, even when you get near the headwaters it can be 10-20 feet deep. Broad Creek is one of the hidden treasures in New Bern and I certainly recommend checking it out.

Steve and Jana Tyson live on the water in New Bern and know the local waterways

Unfortunately there are a limited amount of homes for sale on Broad Creek. For a current list send me an email.

Bachelor's Creek

Batchelor's Creek which begins near the small community of Clarks, off HWY 70 and terminates in the Neuse River near Glenburnie Park. The creek was named because of a number of brothers that lived on the creek, all being batchelors.

There are several ways to tackle this creek, budget 5 hours to do the entire creek

We put in at Bachelors Creek Bridge on HWY 43. Our goal was to head Southwest and hopefully reach HWY 55. Just before you get to the highway is where a Civil War skirmish was fought, The Battle of Batchelor Creek. You can still see some pilings that remain from a bridge the Confederate Army built to cross the creek.

This trip was in mid September and as you can see from the photos the leaves have not started changing colours. I imagine the scenery is quite spectacular in the late fall. At any rate, the weather was perfect, and we made very good time for the first 2/3's of the trip.

Nothing like a nice kayak trip with an old friend

This is a scenic kayak trip. There were 2 cabins along the shoreline near where we put in but other than that nothing but nature. Very quiet and relaxing and I would recommend it for those seeking some serenity. As you can see in the photo above there are some really nice cypress trees along the shoreline. I would budget about 3 hours if you just do the Western part of the creek which we did.

Ray has a very nice kayak, maybe a little long for the narrow parts of the creeks. For the creeks in this area, I recommend no longer than 10-11 feet, easier to maneuver around the many obstacles you can expect to find in the narrower parts of the creeks. If you are as skilled as Ray you can go with the longer kayak, if not the shorter kayak will be much easier for you.

Kayaking on the creeks in this area is not like kayaking on the ocean or a river, you must be adept at maneuvering around limbs and stumps. I was disappointed we did not make it all the way to the battlefield. A beaver dam blocked us from getting there easily, and we both had a limited amount of time budgeted for the trip. If you want to make it to the old bridge pilings bring some boots and be prepared to have to portage around some barriers.

Northwest Creek

Northwest Creek is scenic, usually pretty quiet, and perfect for a 2 hour or so kayak or canoe trip. Northwest Creek borders the West side of the community of Fairfield Harbour. At the mouth of Northwest Creek the Neuse River is about 2.5 miles wide. Normally the waters in Northwest Creek are pretty slick but the day I took these photos there were 18 knot winds.

This is one of New Bern's top creeks to explore

About 1/4 mile from the mouth of Northwest Creek you will see Northwest Creek Marina. This 275 slip marina has deep water and is one of the best protected marinas in the area. The marina can be seen in the photo below. For more information on the marina click the link below.
Northwest Creek Marina

Northwest Creek Marina is deep and protected from storms.

Below is a photo of the entrance to Spring Creek. This creek enters Fairfield Harbour and feeds into a series of man made canals. There are approximately 400 waterfront homes in Fairfield Harbour and the waters are both deep and protected. For a list of waterfront homes in Fairfield click the link below. If you have any questions call the Tyson Group-your waterfront experts

Fairfield Harbour Waterfront Homes for sale

For information on Fairfield Harbour call your New Bern waterfront experts today

On the opposite side of Fairfield Harbour is a large swarth of undeveloped land that makes a kayak or paddle boarding trip even more fun as there is an abundance of wildlife visable from the water. Don't forget your fishing equiptment as the fishing is pretty good as well. Northwest Creek is not a particularly long creek, from the mouth to the end of navicable waters is approximately 2 miles. Nice trip for a lazy day. There is a place to launch your kayak near the marina.

Wilson Creek

Wilson Creek is located just a few miles from the center of New Bern in the quaint little town of Trent Woods. Wilson Creek terminates in the Trent River about 4 miles from historic downtown New Bern. From the mouth of Wilson Creek to the end of navigable water is only a mile or so. This works fine for a short kayak ride but that is about it.

Trent Woods is a bedroom community of New Bern

The water in Wilson Creek is only about 2-4 feet deep in most spots. Fishing is not the greatest, however I have seen bass fishermen successfully land a nice prize. There is a place to launch from near the bridge. It's a pretty quick and easy kayak trip and one easy to work into a Sunday afternoon. Great way to end the weekend.

Home prices on Wilson Creek range from $325,000-$600,000. Most of the homes on Wilson Creek were built in the 60's and 70's and may require some updating. The convenient location, low crime rate, and low taxes make it a very attractive area.

Island Creek

Island creek is located off Brices Creek Road about 7 miles from downtown New Bern

Island Creek is located about 5 miles West of the Brices Creek Bridge. The headwaters originate in the Croatan National Forest. There is a scenic nature trail that follows the creek as it flows to the Trent River. Great place to walk your dog or just get away from it all and bond with nature. For more information on the nature walk Click here

 New Bern has a wide assortment of nice creeks to explore

Years ago I put a canoe in at Island Creek at Island Creek Road and canoed to the Trent River. The creek comes out in front of the town of River Bend. The water is plenty deep to canoe, however like many of the creeks near the headwater there are quite a few logs in blocking the water and you will have to portage on numbrous occasions. If you can deal with that it is a beautiful trip. A better option might be to put out in River Bend and paddle up the creek as far as you desire.

The creeks in New Bern give water access to everyone.

There are no homes for sale on Island Creek as it is all on National Forest land or in a wildlife preserve.

Jack Smith Creek

As you can see in the photo below Jack Smith Creek Bridge can be a little tight to get under. If the wind is blowing out of the south and the tide is low you will have plenty of clearance, however on this day the tide was up maybe 6 inches and I barely got under. It was a little claustrophobic.

Jack Smith Creek is located in the city of New Bern .

If you make it past the bridge it is a very serene ride. Lots of beautiful Cypress trees line the shore of the creek. The water depth averaged from 2.5-6 feet, plenty deep for a kayak. I was hoping to make it to the old railroad bridge but ran into some fallen logs and did not have on boots so decided to turn around. Not a very long paddle, but it was fun.

Jack Smith Creek is located in the city of New Bern .

And here we are, at the mighty Neuse River, about 2 miles from historic downtown New Bern. I will try it again on a low tide and when I have some good boots on. I really want to try and make it all the way to the railroad bridge. As a kid we use to fish off the bridge and it has been 50 years since I have been there.

Although it is a short trip, it was worth it.

This webpage will continue to be a work in progress as we explore more of the creeks in the New Bern area.

Swift Creek

Turkey Creek

Rock Creek

Core Creek

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