New Bern Carpet Cleaners

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New Bern Carpet Cleaning Companies

Carpet Cleaners in New Bern

The following is a partial list of Carpet Cleaning Companies in the New Bern area that the Tyson Group has used in the past.

Carpets to Go-252 259 3533

Eastern Shore-252 637 7799

Michael Harrison-252 636 8383

Van Go-252 636 5483

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There are several different techniques to clean carpet but they all should begin by vacuuming the carpet thoroughly. That is carpet cleaning 101 . If your professional carpet cleaner does not perform this step the end result will be less than optimum. Many carpet cleaners will tell you that this step is not necessary because they do not want to spend the time to perform this task. Don't listen, if they do not want to include this in their service than you should do it before they come to clean the carpet.

The most common technique of carpet cleaning is hot water extraction, sometimes referred to as steam cleaning. The steam-cleaning system uses detergent-based solutions. Detergent mixed into hot water is injected into the carpet to loosen the soil and then extracted. The drawback to this system is that it takes the carpet 12-24 hours to dry.

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