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101 Howell Road Mini Storage

Will save you Money-Lots of it

Call J.C. Outlaw today at 252 6702119 for more information

Located close to everything in James City. Only 2 block from the Airport, 1.5 miles from Hunters Ridge, 1 mile from Taberna, Sellhorne, 5 minutes from downtown New Bern, and close to all points on Old Cherry Point Highway Howell Road Mini storage is safe and affordable .

5 minutes from downtown New Bern

2 minutes from the airport

Our Mini Storage Units will save you Time and Money.

Call J.C. Outlaw today at 252 670 2119

Store your tools, equipment, furniture, boat or vehicle in a secure location

Limited Time offer for these low prices

10'x15'=$60 a Month

10'x10'=$45 a Month

5'x10'=$35 a Month

RV-Boat-Auto storage=$25 a Month  

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