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When is the best time to sell my home in the New Bern area?

Hi, this is Steve and Jana Tyson and as Realtor's we get asked this question all the time. This webpage will help you determine when might be best time to sell your home in the New Bern area.

Ok, lets start by taking a look at the actual data of homes sold in the New Bern area over a 5 year period. Numbers don't lie, right?

Jan. 2013=69
Feb. 2013=80
Mar. 2013=85
Apr. 2013=97
May. 2013=113
Jun. 2013=89
Jul. 2013=124
Aug. 2013=114
Sep. 2013=111
Oct. 2013=96
Nov. 2013=87
Dec. 2013=78
Jan. 2011=64
Feb. 2011=58
March 2011=93
April 2011=85
May 2011=92
June 2011=103
July 2011=85
Aug. 2011=83
Sept. 2011=80
Oct. 2011=65
Nov. 2011=71
Dec. 2011=79
Jan. 2010=59
Feb. 2010=58
March 2010=83
April 2010=93
May 2010=109
June 2010=135
July 2010=85
Aug. 2010=92
Sept. 2010=72
Oct. 2010=63
Nov. 2010=66
Dec. 2010=79
Jan. 2009=49
Feb. 2009=81
March 2009=83
April 2009=66
May 2009=97
June 2009=123
July 2009=103
Aug. 2009=96
Sept. 2009=96
Oct. 2009=90
Nov. 2009=93
Dec. 2009=68

The numbers below represent the 5 year average of home sales for each month.


The best time to sell your home in the New Bern real estate market is in the warmer months

Well, looks like the winner is June, followed by May, July, and August.

The best time to sell your home seems to be in the Spring

Keep in mind that this data is when homes actually closed and title transfered, so buyers were actually looking at homes the month before. I guess this data should be no surprise to anyone. June is a time when school gets out and obviously parents prefer to let their kids stay in their class and finish the school year. Also, June is when most larger companies, including the Marine Corps, prefer to transfer their employees with families.

Another factor, who wants to look at property when the weather is lousey? Spring makes us want to be outside again and house hunting is an outdoor activity. Also statistically, you will get more for your home in the Spring and Summer because more folks are looking for homes and this tends to drive prices up a little.

The chart below is a pretty good rule of thumb for selling your home in the New Bern area market.

Homes sales in New Bern will be highest in the warmer months.

When is the best day of the week to list your home for sale? Seems like Thursday. This is more true during a sellers market, but if you list your house for sale on a Thursday, it will be available for weekend showings. Weekends, particular Saturday, are the most important day of the week for showings and sales.

Now that you know the best time to sell your home, the decision to sell your home should be based on a variety of factors that are both financial and emotional. While you should definitely pay attention to market conditions as part of your thought process, and those conditions will absolutely impact your home sale, you should always keep in mind that the choice to buy or sell a home is completely individual. Everyone does not have the luxury of waiting for spring to list their home for sale. Things happen. Perhaps a divoice makes a sale necessary, or even a death, a job transfer, a loss of a job, whatever, you need to sell your home now. And the areas Number 1 Real Estate Team is here to help you.

So, when you get ready to sell-give Steve and Jana a call, 252 514 9157. They will be with you from sign-up to sign-down.

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